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Russ Paulson is the founder and President of Comprehensive View. He oversees all operations to ensure your complete satisfaction. Associates contribute, in some cases, specific technical knowledge in specific aspects of our service delivery. While having an exceptional background in Comprehensive View's four services, he realizes no one knows everything about the sub-functions of any organization. Associates provide that expertise. Mr. Paulson makes sure the recommendations are appropriate and cost effective for each client's expressed wishes.

With over 30 years experience in leadership, sales, marketing and information technology, Russ has worked with many blue chip companies in multiple industries. Industries include (not limited to) Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Publishing, Healthcare, Transportation, Manufacturing, Business Services and Business Software.
He has managed teams, developed training programs, facilitated strategy sessions with senior business leaders, determined software effectiveness, taught business essentials and served on various boards and commissions.

Russ holds a Bachelors degree in Business, Information Systems and a Masters of Business Administration.

He is also available to speak at your business function to discuss the logical and critical aspects of a Comprehensive View for any organization. He can speak on the importance and relevant application of a Comprehensive View for any organization.

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He has worked through economic downturns and thrived. Do you need a capital infusion (investors or loan)? It may or may not make sense for your business - don't you really want to find out? His creativity and business acumen can provide your business with a new perspective and help you to make key changes within your business/division with confidence. You will see less stress, improved profitability and a business/department that is easier to manage and consequently move forward to greater success.
Again, associates at Comprehensive View have primary specialties that we manage for you. Each one has an awareness of the integrated nature of Strategy, Leadership Development, Sales and Marketing, and Technology Assessment and Implementation.

This is by design.

While many business models struggle, Comprehensive View's four point model has not been challenged.

There are of course, pieces to each of the four aspects of organizational success that may or may not be in place. It is the executive, with guidance from Comprehensive View, who decides the best fit for their organization to achieve success. We don't arbitrarily decide for you - you are in charge.