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Sales and Marketing functions are not confined to cold calling, web sites, social media, brochures or mailers – you need a complete and planned approach that sets you apart from your competitors. Comprehensive View offers a complete line of sales and marketing services to boost revenue while staying within budget.

If you are in business you are in sales to some degree. Everybody sells something, whether it’s an idea, a way of doing things, a product or a service. In the world of business, organizations know they fulfill their needs by buying ‘something’ and sales people satisfy those needs by selling ‘something’. In terms of selling, there are two types of individuals: the (direct) sales person and the (indirect) non-sales person. (indirect sales people are usually operational staff, technologists, leadership with no exposure to sales, etc.) At Comprehensive View, we provide services to both types of "Sales people". We coach/train people to be professional, ethical and successful. There is no "verbal judo" or "trapping" the customer! The expectation is: there will be repeat sales and customer referrals.
How to succeed in sales!
We will show you how to:
I’m not in sales - what can I do?
For the indirect “non-sales” person we show you :
This list is by no means complete, it is also important to note: all services will be customized to fit your business situation and employee skill level. There is no rubber stamp or one-size-fits-all in modern selling. You can choose between group sessions and/or one-on-one coaching as both methods are effective. Measurement can be easily automated and results are usually immediate!
What about Marketing?
Modern marketing, sometimes called Marketing 2.0, has changed how businesses approach the marketplace. While marketing fundamentals are still critical, technology has expanded our reach and has provided new tools to engage prospective customers. Marketing 2.0 includes websites, emails, social media (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.), marketing-as-a-service, pay-for-click, landing pages, auto responders and so on. A Google search for Marketing 2.0 returns over 270,000,000 hits! We can help you sort it out – really!

A recent quote “A website or a newsletter is not a marketing strategy” is very true – you must execute the fundamentals (planning, segmentation, branding, budgeting, measuring) to be successful. Websites, newsletters, social media, advertising etc. are not activities you do once and move on. They must be properly managed. Otherwise you are just wasting your money – usually at a increasingly rapid rate.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't embrace Marketing 2.0 – far from it – the key is to manage your efforts wisely by choosing the most cost effective blend. We help you do that!
Some of the services we offer are:
As before - this list is by no means complete. Any type of marketing takes time - sometimes to the frustration of the organization - it is different in sales in that respect - as sales results can be more immediate.

As an organization you have a brand - like it or not - it is how others view you. If you do nothing - you still have a brand that may or may not be favorable and reflective of your business! We can help you mange your brand.

Marketing is your face to the outside world – plan for it and find out how to improve it. We can help.
How can Comprehensive View help us be successful marketers?
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