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Strategy Development:
We can assist you through the process of developing a road map for your organization's goals and profitability. Everyone in the organization will know their role and what is needed to accomplish their tasks. A well thought out and solid plan will let them achieve the highest level of success.
Sales and Marketing Services:
These services can provide a proven approach to drawing customers to your business by clearly defining customers and their immediate benefit of doing business with you. The key is increasing revenue while managing costs by accurate measurement of your campaigns and resulting sales. We can show you manage out-sourced marketing activities such as your web site, auto-responders, email contacts, social media, etc.
Technology Assessment and Implementation:
Are you getting the most benefit from the technology or technology services you have already purchased? Do need to know what technology is available and how it will fit your needs? Whether you acquire or presuppose technology you need to implement as fast and effectively as possible. Make the most from your technology investment by making it work for you.
This is what we do and how we do it:
Leadership Development:
We provide coaching and training for executives to address current issues facing the business. This will inspire confidence not only within themselves but also with their followers. This service is personalized and designed to maximize each leaderís effectiveness. Remember, great leaders make great organizations.
How we do it:
How we do it:
How we do it:
How we do it:
Organizational Awareness - Find out how are services can be integrated
Mr. Paulson is available for speaking engagements for your business function. Fees are reduced for select non-profit organizations with emphasis on service organizations. Click on Contact Us & let us know what you have in mind.
How we do it:
Our goal is to provide services which produce measurable outcomes. Some results are immediate others require additional time as plans are developed and implemented. We are avid researchers of our subject matter and can apply our expansive knowledge to improve your situation. Our decades of experience can help you avoid expensive and painful mistakes that every business makes. We will present you with viable options and advise you of the risk for each. Nothing in today's environment is risk free. Anyone who tells you differently does not have your best interest in mind!

For any organization, watchful of their reputation and finances, expenditure of any kind resources is rarely a "no-brainer" event. Your decisions, large or small have consequences - everything counts!
We focus on the functions of organizations in which we have have solid experience and consequently, we know best. We strive to get a plan in place, get the right people in place and help you enjoy efficient (& repeatable) revenue.
We are not bankers, lawyers, accountants, etc. but our methods (i.e. get the right people in place) allow you to successfully manage support outside of your core function - which is to be a viable and profitable entity!
We are committed to the four aspects of our offering. There is not a business or organization that can survive for any period without excelling in strategic planning, capable leaders, a reliable revenue flow and the productivity that technology provides. You most likely have strengths in one or more areas - we can help you in the functions you need to improve. With a balanced and "Comprehensive View" of your organization you will succeed!