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Comprehensive View provides Management Consulting and Business Coaching services for clients that allow them to fine tune their business, measure results and increase quality of their product and/or services for their customers. Business improvement, competitiveness and planning are ongoing processes for business survival. We help you do that.

You want to expand profit margins, increase sales, energize your marketing campaigns and ensure you have critical business information at your finger tips. Each of these areas are important and must be considered together to develop an optimal organization that runs most efficiently. An unbiased analysis of your operations (a Comprehensive View) will uncover hidden issues as well as hidden strengths.

With a well thought out plan, and precise measurement, your business problems can be eliminated and uncovered strengths exploited. Our services are delivered quickly, professionally and with a practical approach that everyone in your organization can understand and easily put into practice.

We have creative approaches to many issues!
Comprehensive View
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These service offerings are built after 30 years of experience.
Strategy Development:
We can assist you through the process of developing a road map for your organization's goals and profitability. Everyone in the organization will know their role and what is needed to accomplish their tasks. A well thought out and solid plan will let them achieve the highest level of success.
Sales and Marketing Services:
These services can provide a proven approach to drawing customers to your business by clearly defining customers and their immediate benefit of doing business with you. The key is increasing revenue while managing costs by accurate measurement of your campaigns and resulting sales. We can show you manage out-sourced marketing activities such as your web site, auto-responders, email contacts, social media, etc.
Technology Assessment and Implementation:
Are you getting the most benefit from the technology or technology services you have already purchased? Do need to know what technology is available and how it will fit your needs? Whether you acquire or re-purpose technology you need to implement as fast and effectively as possible. Make the most from your technology investment by making it work for you.
What we do for you:
How we do it:
In the small to medium markets where we specialize, responsibilities often overlap each of these four critical areas. With decades of business experience, we have found organizations are frequently strong in some areas and weak in others. To fit your unique situation, we offer separate services in each of the identified organizational functions. You may need one service or you may need more than one. You may want to focus on one area more than others. That is normal - we will work to provide strength and balance in each of the four key areas as they are so closely linked to one another.

Our commitment is to provide a "Comprehensive View" for the organization so it may function effectively and enjoy increased profitability.
We are also available for speaking engagements on a limited basis.
While there are many aspects to modern business, we chose to focus on what we believe are the four most critical parts; a.) strategy, b.) leadership development, c.) sales and marketing, and d.) technology assessment and implementation. There are, of course, supporting functions such as accounting, legal support, taxation, operations etc. that need to be managed. Our support for these types of activities would would be addressed in leadership development. We do not specialize in those areas. Support for those functions should be performed by other experts whether they are internal or external to your organization - managed by the appropriate leaders. Our approach centers on increasing profit by providing services to the four major areas of your organization.

Simply stated:
Leadership Development:
We provide coaching and training for executives to address current issues facing the business. This will inspire confidence not only within themselves but also with their followers. This service is personalized and designed to maximize each leaderís effectiveness. Remember, great leaders make great organizations.
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